Why Do People Choose Terrarium Plants To Gift Their Friends & Relatives?

If you are shopping for a birthday present, anniversary present, friendship day gift, or gifts for any other occasions for your friends and relatives, then terrariums are wonderful gifts that you can buy. You can gift it to your loved ones to tell them that they are fantastic, and they will be ecstatic to receive this unique package.

The recipient would appreciate your plant gift as it is unique and different from the normal bouquet or plants that are usually gifted. If you don’t know what terrarium plants are, then let’s have a look at them quickly.

What Are Terrarium Plants?

Terrarium is a small, transparent, and enclosed environment, also known as a mini-greenhouse, that is made for certain plants. These gardens are generally made inside transparent containers like plastic or glass. There are two types of terrariums that you will get, sealed and open, and the only difference between them is that sealed ones have lids, whereas open ones don’t.

Ideal Plants That Can Be Put In Terrariums

Generally, Herbal, Green Vegetation, or plants that grow slowly are the ideal plants and works best in the terrarium. Some plants that you can use are:

  • Ferns- Adiantum Caudatum, Asparagus Mayerri Plant, Foxtail Fern, Asplenium Crisie, Asplenium Nidus, Bird Nest Fern Plant, etc.
  • Carnivore plants- Venus Flytrap, California Pitcher plant, Purple pitcher plant, etc.
  • Dwarf palms- Lady Palm, Pygmy Date Palm, Sago Palm, Cat Palm, Ponytail Palm, Bamboo Palm, European Fan Palm, Saw Palmetto Palm, etc.
  • Air plants- Pink quill, Spanish Moss, Sky plant, Tillandsia stricta, etc.
  • Succulents- Jade plant, Echeveria Elegans, Burro’s tail, Fasciated Haworthia, etc.
  • Peperomia- Baby rubberplant, peperomia rotundifolia, peperomia albovittata, etc.

1] Perfect Décor Item

Terrariums are very pleasant to look at, and hence they serve as attractive decorative items for homes. They are ideal for giving to the person who lives in flats, office spaces, or apartments because plants are hard to grow in such areas. One can keep it on desks, dressers, tables, workspaces, etc., as it brightens up the space. You can order a terrarium online in India and give it to your friends or relatives throughout the year, but it is best to be given during winter as they generally are cooped in their rooms during this time.

2] Benefits The Health

Terrariums give out a peaceful feeling and connect the person to nature, which makes them an ideal gift for occasions. You already know that once you are immersed in the beauty of nature, you feel soothed and relaxed, and that’s what these terrarium plants do at home. The glass containers generally contain renewable resources like mushrooms and small plants that emit a pleasant aroma into the room. Gift a terrarium to a person who is under stress or pressure as they release a positive vibe into the environment and reduce the stress.

3] Low- Maintenance

If your recipient lives in an apartment or works in a company that hardly has windows, then terrariums are the best gifts for them as they are ideal plants for growing indoors. Since it’s hard to maintain a garden or yard in such places, you can bring in your own mini garden. Now they can grow their favorite plants throughout the year, and these plants don’t need much attention, so even if they are busy, they will continue to grow.

4] Affordable

Another reason why people frequently buy terrariums as birthday or anniversary gifts for their friends and relatives is that it is not expensive. You can find terrariums in local stores, or you can opt for online plants shopping if you don’t want to go out. This is also a great gift for a housewarming or a new office because plants enhance the beauty of both places. They are natural and one of the best gifts for gardeners, nature lovers, and plant enthusiasts, and they can now enjoy growing plants in their homes.

5] Give It A Personal Touch

You can customize the terrarium as per the preference and choices of the person who is going to receive it. This makes it a perfect gift to buy for anyone as all you need to know is their favorite plants and flowers, and you can put them together in a transparent container to present them. These are very easy to maintain as they do not require much attention, and even green thumb gardeners can grow them in their homes.


These are the top five reasons why terrariums make a great and wonderful gift for any occasion or event. They are not expensive, easy to maintain, and have health benefits which make them an ideal gift for friends and family members who are living in apartments and flats. You can buy and gift these to your loved one all year round as their birthday, anniversary, and housewarming present.

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