Know in detail about a rummy game

Rummy is considered to be a very popular card game both offline and online. Most people in India are fond of this game but if one is a beginner – then the rummy game can be a bit tricky for them. Beginners need to know the rules of the game thoroughly before they can start playing. Also, one must know that it is not possible for one to win this game when they have just started playing it. Ine has to play along with the rummy rules and with time expertise arrive that can help one to win.

What is a rummy game?

As said above, this is a card game and here the player’s goal is to improve the hand of cards they are provided with at the beginning of the game. Now this can be done on 2 ways – either by drawing a card from a pile that the opponent players have discarded and discard one card from the hand simultaneously. Though this sounds to be quite simple, it is actually not. One can go for online version of rummy game download and start playing there. When one is learning to play this game they also need to learn that it is played between 2 to 6 people. In total 2 to 3 decks of cards are used to play a rummy game depending on how many players are playing it. But before one starts game, they need to know the objective of it.

The objective of Rummy Game

Just like any other card game – the players play to win. Here, the goal is to declare or arrange the cards in 2 major combinations. One has to be of a 3 or more cards of the same suit that can be grouped in a consecutive order like 8,9,10, J. This combination is known as the pure sequence. Along with that, one also needs to form another combination which is known as the impure sequence. Here, one can make a set of cards where they can use a Joker or a wild card. Before one learns about the rules of a rummy game – they also need to know about a few terms that are used in this game.


Here one can have a combination of cards from a hand that one has already dealt with and placing it on the table in front of other players. Here, 2 different combinations are needed to be presented.

Lay off

One has to place a card from their hand to declare that it is ready on the table.


When one plays a card from their hand on the top of the discard pile, it is called discarding.

One should remember that in traditional rummy games – 2 decks of cards are used to play and both of them has a Joker each. Without making one pure sequence, one cannot win this game. Making a wrong show can actually cost one a loss of 80 points. One can play this game with or without cash.

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