How to Become a Credit Card Processing Reseller: White Label Options – 

Introduction – 

Many business persons are there who compare the payment gateways services and they come across firms offering white label payment gateway services. So, this is the kind of services which is a stroke of luck for the correct kind of businesses, but it is not made for everyone. So, the main question that many people linger around is, what is exactly a white label payment gateway? A white label payment gateway is an answer that permits you to extend payment processing services to your customers or those buying goods and services under your own name or brand name. It comprises of all the skins (features) of an old payment gateway system. For instance, you can accept and process the credit card payments in different currencies. Learn here about procedure of becoming a payment processor. But a white label gateway takes things one step ahead by permitting you to offer the same services to your own clients. Let’s look at some of the examples for the same. 

How White Label Differs – 

For instance, you have your own e-commerce website builder. With old payment gateway, you can accept payments online for all who uses your platform to create and host their business website. But, when you use the white label gateway, you can also enable those clients, customers or people to accept credit card payments on the e-commerce websites they build. In the very best sense, you get some portions of every sale they make. Now, another question that lurks in the mind of the people is what businesses are there that can benefit from a white label payment gateway. Before, we jump into that, look here for starting a credit card processing company. Getting back, for instance, if you have a small online fashion company, you will have no use of white label payment gateway. This is a kind of service which is meant for merchants who have reasons to offer their own merchant services like this type of service is intended for merchants who have reason to offer their own merchant services, such as: turnkey business providers, multi-level marketing business, other types of resellers, and so on. 

Merits of Using a White Label Payment Gateway – 

  • You can use an additional or extra passive revenue stream which is not available to many businesses. 
  • You can get a competitive edge in your industry or market area by providing greater freedom and convenience to your clients. 
  • You create extra credibility by using your own brand name and logo for payment processing services rather than offering customers a third-party provider. 
  • You have permission to use all the gateways merchant features like fraud detection, encryption, payment processing and so on.  

Demerits of the White Label Payment Gateway – 

  • If you have no requirement of white label services, then the gateway can ne cost-prohibitive. 
  • Many of the white label payment gateway are tedious to customize. So, even if you are technically in control, you may have few options like how the checkout experience looks and functions and so on. 
  • By using the white label payment gateways as your own, you are putting your name and also reputation at risk. You should be highly diligent about managing a complete PCI compliance and fighting fraud, because any working or functionality issues or breaches in the data will reflect on your business and can cost you great fines, punitive actions, lawsuits and so on. 

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